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Older homes are rich in history and aesthetic appeal. However, they are also the products of their times—which means what was once an industry standard is a serious health hazard. Lead, once a common component of paint, is an invisible killer. Its presence can harm people—especially children.

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The first step to countering a safety threat is to identify its presence. Choose a team that provides the information you need to make sensible decisions. CAT Inspections provides lead inspections throughout Massachusetts. By hiring our team, you can take proactive steps towards making your home a safe place.

Advanced Methods at Your Disposal

We use the latest and most accurate lead paint detection technology available today. By using the Lead Paint Analyzer by RMD Protech, we scan surfaces and detect threats. The Analyzer uses a range of technologies to return results with 95% confidence, ensuring it always provides a trustworthy reading.

Our team takes a careful approach to safety inspections. We use methods that will not peel paint or cause damage to any surfaces, minimizing the chances for possible lead exposure throughout the assessment.

All inspections include a printed report that goes over the major and minor systems within the home. From the ridge beams to the basement floor, you can count on us for complete inspections.

We’re here for all of your lead safety needs. Our company offers initial inspections, re-inspections, and lead dust wipes sampling. As licensed inspectors, we are also authorized to issue letters of re-occupancy and letters of compliance with the state’s Lead Law.

Contact us and request a consultation for lead inspections. We are based in Fitchburg and serve the state of Massachusetts.

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